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Numbat Child

An Aussie Animal Sing-Along

Book and CD

WA made!

Tingle Tree Press is delighted to introduce "Numbat Child, An Aussie Animal Sing-Along",

a collaboration by two West Australian mothers and educators,

musician Eunice Hicks and artist Chelsea Donohoe. 

(See their bios below.)  

Celebrating Australian animals through vibrant illustrations and engaging storytelling, this book will captivate children from the ages of three to ten. Beyond its entertainment value, the book serves as an educational tool, teaching children about the significance of caring for our native wildlife. 


Listen to the accompanying music below

for a delightful sing-along experience!

Eunice Hicks 

Eunice Hicks is a music teacher and mother of four, living south of Perth, Western Australia. She completed her Bachelor of Music at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 2001, then moved with her pilot/musician husband to the Northern Territory where they raised four children and played in the Darwin Symphony Orchestra.  


Bringing nature to life through song was a joy for Eunice and after moving down to Perth, other native animals were celebrated, like quokka, quenda and numbat. 


Her primary school students have fallen in love with the precious numbat through her ‘Numbat Child’ song, written in hopes of the younger generation one day picking up the conservation baton.​


Chelsea Donohoe 

Chelsea Donohoe is a talented artist, educator and devoted mother, raising her three amazing children amongst the magnificent forests and picturesque beaches of the South West of Western Australia. While working in remote Western Australia and sharing knowledge with Indigenous youth, she developed a passionate connection to the land and its people. She is committed to encouraging others to spend time in nature in order to grow respect for our wild places and strengthen ties to the land.

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